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C Frame Press, by RK Machinery

C frame press photo, 20 Tons

Our C Frame Presses are available in 12, 25, 50, 75, 100 ton, and our new 150 ton models. Our presses are built with dual controls which enable operators to select from either a moveable pedestal complete with dual electric palm buttons and extra emergency stop, or a foot pedal. See the complete specs to review the wide range of other standard features.

C Frame Press models are

- CFP-12 (C-Frame press 12 Ton)
   - CFP-25 (C-Frame press 25 Ton)
   - CFP-50 (C-Frame press 50 Ton)
   - CFP-75 (C-Frame press 75 Ton)
   - CFP-100 (C-Frame press 100 Ton)
   - CFP-150 (C-Frame press 150 Ton)

RK Machinery manufactures hydraulic C Frame Presses with the following specifics:
   - All our electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts are standard in the industry
     and available throughout North America.

  Standard features available on all our C Frame Press models:

C Frame 50 Ton Press image

  • Pressure regulator and gauge, allows to limit the ram pressure
  • Adjustable stroke control
  • Pressure reversal switch
  • Adjustable speed control allows operator to adjust ram pressing speed
  • Ram travel is guided by 4 precision-ground chromed rods. (4 Post Hydraulic Press)
  • Jog mode used for simplifying setups.
  • P.L.C. programmable control system.
  • Quality BALDOR motor, low speed.
  • Air-cooled industrial oil cooler.
  • Standard U-Slot table can quickly be removed for another table to better suit your needs.
  • Dual control

You can select to use:

  • Moveable pedestal height for comfort and ease of operation c/w dual electric palm buttons & extra emergency stop or Foot pedal.

Based on your needs and specifications we will custom build your hydraulic presses ensuring that the hydraulic C frame press you purchase will help you succeed.

For exact specifications and additional options for each specific model please access the PDF document for more information on our hydraulic C press.

RK Machinery the C frame hydraulic press manufacturers.