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When to Get a New Hydraulic Press

September 4, 2018

Investing in a new hydraulic press is a big decision for any machine shop, large or small. Like every owner, you want to get the greatest possible use out of the presses you already have.

Its durability is the beauty of the hydraulic press. It can handle a variety of jobs day after day and year after year. Keep it well maintained and inspect it regularly, and you’ve got a workhorse that delivers quality jobs with minimal bother.

But eventually your press will wear out, just like any piece of equipment that is put to hard use. Timing your transition from old press to new is critical if you want to avoid disruption in the job cycle.

Here are 3 indicators to watch for. If you notice any of these problems, it is time to consider getting a new press.

Is the Press Having Electrical or Hydraulic Problems?

If you notice intermittent problems during daily operation, you might be dealing with a loose wire or an electrical short. Inspect the press to make sure wires are tight. Check that wire ends have ferrules to stop cross contact with other parts.

With older presses, parts can be hard to find, especially if it has electrical controls or hydraulic elements that are out of date. That means longer downtime. This alone can be a good reason to invest in a new press.

Do You See Cracks in the Frame?

Even hard-to-see cracks mean structural problems with your press. Inspect it regularly and keep an eye out for any signs of breaking and cracking.

As a temporary fix, you can weld the frame. But eventually you’ll need to invest in a new press.


Is It Difficult to Get the Right Pressure?

If your press can no longer develop the proper pressure, you most likely have a problem with the motor, valves or pump. If it’s the pump, try replacing it.

A press without correct pressure can’t do the job effectively, if at all. Start looking at new presses to keep your shop efficient.


Time to Invest in a New Hydraulic Press

Since 1980, RK Machinery has been helping machine shops across North America. We are proud of our reputation for superior hydraulic presses, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

We understand what an impact buying a new press can make on your shop. It’s a very big investment that can take a bite out of your operating budget.

And the results can be amazing for your profitability and efficiency. Tired of dealing with downtime while you wait for a part? Can’t find parts for your very old press?

When you invest in a new press, you no longer have to search for outdated components. When you buy a new press made by RK Machinery, you know you can find parts quickly and nearby, all over North America.

Call RK Machinery today to discuss the best new hydraulic press for your needs.