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What-to-Know Before you buy A Hydraulic Broach Press

November 18, 2013

Broaching is a very common machining technique crucial to the manufacture of a huge array of products. Very roughly put, broaching is used to refine a piece by cutting out shapes in the material. The broach press gets its name from the name of the cutting piece; which is known as a broach. When a broach is pressed (usually with extreme pressure from a hydraulic press) against the material being machined, it cuts out the desired shape from the work piece. Using a broach press allows a machinist to create refined and complex pieces suited to a variety of finished-product designs.

Customized Broaches—Escaping the Cookie Cutter Design

Broaches, the actual cutting piece used with a broach press, are highly specialized and many types exist to perform an extensive array of machining requirements. Because of their use in highly specialized processes, broaches for a broach press must often be custom made.
Having a broach custom-built for your job is not necessarily difficult and with a reputable broach manufacturer the process should be pretty simple and straightforward. However, there are some extremely specialized and complex broaches that will cost much more. That being said, you can expect reasonable prices for the majority of broaches you’ll need. In fact, you may be able to create your own broach to use with your broach press if you have a creative machinist in your shop!

Buy the Best Hydraulic Broach Press—the Force behind the Broach

Buying a broach press is a big decision, partly because of the sheer scope of such a machine. Broach presses come in a variety of sizes and models; and choosing the best broach press will depend on your project. If you deal in industrial projects with massive work pieces, you’ll need a broach press that packs enough clout to cut through the toughest of materials. There’s nothing worse than finding your press doesn’t pack enough punch to get the job done!
RK Machinery offers several sizes on our combination H-Frame Broach Press, designed to meet the varying needs of repair, machining, and manufacturing shops. Available in combination with our 100 or 50 Ton H-Frame press, our 12 Ton Broach Press offers you the broaching capabilities you need alongside our powerful H-Frame Press. Two machines in one!
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