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What’s Ailing Your Hydraulic Press?

March 27, 2013


The main purpose of hydraulic press machines is the heavy compression of objects. They are also used in a variety of specific industrial assembly applications and processes to cut and punch metal components. They are widely used in the manufacturing sector due to their exceptional performance and reliability. Long-term usage does take its toll on hydraulic machines. Common problems experienced are discussed below. 
To keep potential problems to a minimum and machine performance at optimal, you should run your hydraulic press at a temperature no higher than 150°F. Higher temperatures will cause damage to seal compounds and contribute to the degradation of the oil. Low fluid levels in the machine’s hydraulic reservoir and inefficient cooling circuits are frequent culprits in overheating.
Oil Leaks
The most common problem associated with hydraulic presses, oil leaks typically occur across the ram, on hose fittings as well as on hydraulic lines. It is important to ensure that fittings are tightened properly and that excess oil is removed. Always use the oil type specified the machine’s manual.
Slow pressure build up is also a frequently reported problem with hydraulic press machines. Under normal working conditions, required pressure should be reached within approximately one second. Build up times of two seconds or more suggests a problem with the pump.
Regular Maintenance of the hydraulic press machine is essential to keep it running well. But, despite the best of efforts, years of continuous usage will wear the machine down. Indications that your machine is reaching the end of its useful life are low pump pressure, recurring electrical issues and frames that begin to show signs of cracking. Such problems, if ignored, inevitably result in the machine’s performance being reduced.
Even after regular care and maintenance, there will come a time when the machine will require a replacement part. RK Machinery is a Canadian Hydraulic Press Specialist offering superior quality equipment at competitive prices. Their hydraulic equipment is easy to maintain because all mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts are industry-standard and widely available across North America with little or no wait time between order and delivery.