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New entry-level H-Frame press now available

August 24, 2011

RK Machinery’s tag line is “We build them your way,” and the Quebec, Canada based company has just launched it’s latest H-Frame hydraulic press. Now there’s a bench-model machine available that makes owning a quality H Frame press affordable for every company - large or small.

This new H-Frame press has a 20-ton capacity and features:
• Open sides to facilitate work on long pieces
• A flat ram nose that’s easily changed for specific jobs
• A low speed and quiet pump for dependable operation
• Electric/hydraulic operation that provides a smooth, consistent pressing action
• Double-acting cylinder that allows pressing and pulling ram action
• An FSG-20 front security guard for operator protection - optional.

The variable ram speed is fingertip controlled, and the further the hand lever is engaged, the more the ram movement is accelerated - offering the operator complete control over the speed required to perform the application.

The press uses a safer and more efficient low-pressure hydraulic system and also features a 3 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir.

Finally, service and repair of the press are a breeze, as all hydraulic and mechanical parts are standard in the industry and available throughout North America.

A Canadian company, established in 1980, RK Machinery  is a hydraulic-press manufacturer that offers quality and reliable H-Frame press and C-Frame presses. RK Machinery offers multiple model variants and will tailor make hydraulic equipment according to your specifications.

RK Machinery is dedicated to offering superior quality equipment, competitive prices and excellent customer service. To discuss your hydraulic press requirements contact RK Machinery today.