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Hydraulic Press 101

November 3, 2011

Power presses come in a variety of forms—pneumatic, mechanical or hydraulic. For projects or applications that require constant, shear force and/or high pressure, a hydraulic press should be the machine of choice.

There are several types of hydraulic press on the market today, and the machines are used in a variety of applications. H-frame presses are used for coining, crimping, bending, trimming and forming. C-frame presses 150 ton can also be used for forming, as well as blanking, drawing and riveting. Press brakes, meanwhile, are primarily used to cold work metal and fold it into different shapes.

Hydraulic presses can be configured as single or multi-station presses. And as well as differing by application, hydraulic presses also differ in design and operation, too.

H-frame presses, as the name suggests, comprise a welded H-shaped frame and are able to process multiple project types. C-frame presses are narrow and strong, and take up less floor space than H-frame presses.

All hydraulic presses are powered by the same principle—force provided by fluid pressure. Hydraulic Press Fluid is forced into a slave cylinder by a pump. A piston then compresses the fluid and forces it through a pipe into a larger master cylinder. The pressure of the oil is then exerted on the larger cylinder, and the larger piston in the master cylinder pushes the fluid back to the smaller cylinder once more. The force applied on the fluids in the smaller cylinder results in a larger force when pushed in the master cylinder. And it is this force that propels the punch to contact the die and engage the material to be worked on.

RK Machinery is a hydraulic press manufacturer that has been manufacturing quality hydraulic presses for over 30 years. Our hydraulic machines have all the features to satisfy skilled operators, yet are simple enough for the most inexperienced hydraulic shop press operators as well. We will custom build your hydraulic press, ensuring that the machine you purchase will meet your exact needs and specifications.