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6 Tips For Avoiding Injury During Hydraulic Press Operation

May 15, 2014

The safest operation of hydraulic presses is essential to avoid serious injury. Taking time to learn about how you and your employees can avoid being injured is important and can save you a lot of time and money in your business as well. Training employees in the workplace is important for you to avoid accidents. Check out these tips for maintaining the safest hydraulic press operation while also ensuring high level production.

  • Chemical Dangers: Hydraulic fluid and other types of lubricants can cause serious skin irritation and contact dermatitis. All press operators should have extensive knowledge about the chemicals used in a press. For example, fumes and contact with material used to make dies like epoxies and liquid steel can be extremely dangerous, causing respiratory issues and serious skin irritation.
  • Hazardous Conditions: Making sure the area around a hydraulic press remains clean and clear of unnecessary tools or other objects can prevent falls. Presses operated with electricity means power cords. Making sure cords are out of the way at all time is important to prevent tripping over them and to prevent accidental electrocution. Talking to your operators about simple hazards like these important. Even dropping heavy objects can cause broken toes, so be sure to include the need for safety, steel toed shoes when working on a press. Keeping a first aid kit at every press you have in operation is a good idea.
  • Fire Hazards: Hydraulic fluid is flammable and so is the oil used in most machines like presses. Be sure to check reservoirs for any damage on a regular basis to prevent leaks that could cause fire and explosions. Presses that use electricity can also pose electrical fire hazards.
  • Flying Parts: The amount of pressure exerted by a hydraulic press can be tremendous. During press operation, metal pieces, some most likely having sharp edges, can fly out and cause serious and even fatal injuries. Learning more about accessories like safety guards can help you ensure greater levels of safe press operation.
  • Dangers of Using Homemade Presses: Many shop owners, especially those just getting started in business, use homemade presses. However, in many of these presses, threaded rods are used. Threaded rods have been found to fail under high levels of pressure. The best option is to purchase high quality presses from an experienced and reliable manufacturer like RK Machinery.
  • Load and Stroke: Always make sure operators adhere to manufacturer rating concerning load and stroke. Never dismiss the manufacturer’s recommended relief valve setting as well. Following the manufacturer recommendations can help operators remain accident free. When making purchasing choices, discussing your specific needs for a press can also help you find out more about safety issues you might seriously consider.

RK Machinery manufactures presses with the safety of operators in mind. The press you purchase from RK machinery will be one manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship and regard to the safest operation. To learn more about how you can own a safe and highly crafted manufactured press, contact RK Machinery today.