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5 tips to help you grow your metal shop’s business

September 21, 2012

Although it’s never been easy for small and medium sized metalwork shops to make ends meet, staying in business today—since the end of the Great Recession—takes more effort than ever before. Cutting costs and saving pennies are the watch words for the small business owner, but they will take you only so far.

The real keys to success lie in attracting new business and keeping it. It's out there, but how do you go about finding and keeping it? Here are five strategies you can follow to help grow your business:

1. Keep a clean and tidy shop to impress walk in and referral business
If a new or potential client makes a surprise visit, nothing will turn them off more quickly than a shop in just doesn't give off the professional image that's required to build trust from the client.

2. Set up an Internet marketing solution
Have a website built for you and take advantage of the marketing channel that works 24/7. Internet marketing is cheaper than print, TV or radio but just as powerful when developed properly.

3. Attend trade shows
In this industry, the trade show is still King. And creating buzz about what you do by Internet and email will guarantee you get visitors to your booth at the next show.

4. Pay attention to customer service
We guarantee that nothing keeps or pushes away a client faster than good or bad customer service. Look after your clients and they will look after you

5. Invest in new quality and reliable machinery
You can’t produce awesome work on old or inferior machines. Invest in quality machines, produce great work, and your client base will grow.

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